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LINEN WINGS is a well known manufacturer and exporter of the Tablecloths, which are generally utilized on feasting tables and as a part of corridors to cover tables. The Cotton Tablecloths are utilized to cover the table and keep the table free from stains and soil while improving the feel. One can change the tablecloth outlines to fit the room plan and different materials.

Product Specifications

Size Seater Design Colour Cloth
137 X 180 Cms 4 Seater Jacquard Design Yellow Brown Base Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric

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We are accredited with Following yarns

  • Dup1
  • Lycra
  • Ten1
  • alogo8
  • Cool1
  • Xstaticlogo1
  • Fair
  • Biotrade
  • Bci
  • alogo9
  • epi
  • Sup
  • alogo10
  • alogo10
  • alogo10

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