Modal Woven Fabric

Modal is the second-generation viscose fiber, which fulfills the age-old demand of a combination of looks with brains and of aesthetics with performance.

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We through our innovations in viscose have focused on the fibre of the new generation. The innovations have led to a fabric of brilliant luster, soft-feel and excellent drape.

Modal as defined by the International Bureau for the Standardization of Man Made Fibers (BISFA) is a distinct viscose fiber genre, which has a higher Wet Modulus and satisfies a minimum value of tenacity in the wet stage at 5% elongation.

The Modal Woven Fabric can be used as warps and wefts with different fabrics to manufacture different textiles and clothing solutions.

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Cotton finds varied uses across many categories because of its unique properties. We weave it in different techniques so that it satisfies specific needs of our clients.

  • Rayon and rayon crepe using modal fabric as wefts and silk as warps.
  • Cotton industry uses modal as warps shirts and sports-wear clothing uses.
  • Wool sector uses it in combination with 100% wool yarns to make jacquard fabrics which have a unique dull/bright sheen.
  • Jacquard fabrics are also utilized widely to manufacture towels.

Modal Woven Fabric qualities

  • 60s X 60s / 92 X 84 / 63" 1/1 PlainĀ 
  • 80s X 80s / 92 X 88 / 63" 1/1 Plain
  • 60s X 60 / 165 X 78 / 63" 4/1 Satin
  • 60s X 60 / 165 X 104 / 63" 4/1 Satin

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