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Natural bamboo fiber textile is extracted directly different from bamboo viscose, which is produced by chemical processing. The bamboo fabric we offer does not contain any chemical additives.

It has unique properties and hence can be used for a wide range of applications. Because of its special structure and natural "hollowness" in the horizontal cross sections, the abundant gaps in the fiber can absorb and evaporate the moisture of human skin instantly.

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Used to weave light fabrics. The bedding made by bamboo fibre has an excellent performance in the field of breathability and permeability which makes it more suitable to be used in home textiles. It is also used to make industrial textiles.


  • Antibacterial, deodorant, coloration, elasticity, drape-ability and wear-ability characteristics
  • It is free from chemical additives
  • It quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • High strength
  • Long elongation of breakage

Bottom fabrics Specifications

  • 30c X 24 BAMBOO/ 68 X 60/ 63* COTTON BAMBOO
  • 40C X 30 BAMBOO/ 124 X 64/ 63* COTTON BAMBOO

100% BAMBOO Specifications

  • 20 BAMBOO X 20 BAMBOO/ 60 X 60/ 63* 1/1 PLAIN
  • 30 BAMBOO X 30 BAMBOO/ 68 X 68/ 63* 1/1 PLAIN

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