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Arul Jothi Vallalar Higher Secondary School

We at Balavigna Weaving Mills realize that education has a vital role in the formation of a nation. Thus we operate our school to make an effort to contribute to the society through education. We have been the pillar of support for various charitable trusts and educational institutes generating quality education. Around 700 students have been receiving highly subsidized education through these trusts every year. The school since its inception is being managed by our managing director.

Also we have strengthened the stand of women in the society by giving them career options and education

Our school helps to realize the dream of education for those families who could not study themselves. These people send their children to our school where they are received educated and transformed into a good citizen.

More about the school

  • The total area of our school is 5.5 acres. It is situated five kilometers away from the town lying on the foot-hill of the Sirumalai mountain ranges. The site chosen for school was not surrounded by any type of school around three kilometers then. Since the beginning of the school it has been imparting education to all sorts of children especially for the villagers. It is an unbelievable fact that most of these pupils were refused admissions in the reputed schools. Three blocks have been built for classes so far.
  • For the past Eighteen years, from the beginning onwards we have established good record in the academic side.  We have got centum result five times and regularly got above 90% result in X Standard.
  • Our Chairman as Vice President of this school encouraging and deluge awards to up coming pupils.
  • Our students got district first in many subjects and they were awarded by District Authorities also. We have also got State level honors from Tamilnadu Ministry of Education three times continuously.
  • We started Higher Secondary Course in the year 1997.
  • We got centum result in the first two years and 95% in the subsequent years.
  • The best total in S.S.L.C. Examination is 473/500 and in Higher Secondary is 1062/1200.
  • Ninety percent of our school students are coming from the surrounding villages. Most of the parents are illiterate. They are below poverty line. They are unable to feed their children properly. In spite of their bad conditions, by taking special classes and night classes, we produce good results.

Social Accountability Policy

We Shall accomplish our commitment by :

  • Prohibiting the use of child labor in our products
  • Prohibiting or not supporting the use for forced or compulsory labor in our products
  • Providing safe and health working environment
  • Respecting employees freedom and not interfering their rights to bargain collectively
  • Adopting fair labor practice without any discrimination
  • Prohibiting the use of harsh or inhumane treatment in our products
  • Complying with applicable laws for working time / overtime / holidays
  • Respecting the right for living wage to meet basic needs
  • Fulfilling basic needs of worker by paying living wages
  • Adhering to the national and international instruments and state laws
  • Promoting awareness to suppliers to comply with Social Accountability requirements
  • Constantly endeavor for continual improvements in Social Accountability Management System

Health and Safety policy

In Balavigna weaving mills we are dedicated in providing safety and health environment for employees and customers, protecting the public and preserving company assets and our customer’s property At Balavigna Weaving Mills Private Limited our most valuable resource are the people who work for us, to achieve this objective issue, an effective health and safety programe is been carried out through our organization. This programe will assist management and non – supervisory employees in controlling hazards and risk. It will minimize employee and customer’s injuries, damage to customer property and damage or destruction of our company assets All employees will follow this program .This program is designed to encourage to promote the safety of their fellow employees and customers. To accomplish our health and safety goals all members of management are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy Balavigna Weaving Mills its trusted in employees safety. The policy of our company is to provide safe equipment, adequate tools and training and the necessary protective equipments. It is the employees to use the protective device which our company provides  

Making a Difference by Going Beyond Business

A value-based, caring corporate citizen, our company inherently believes in the trusteeship concept of management .Our Company is moving forward towards institutionalizing the concept of Triple Bottom Line Accountability represented by economic success, Environmental responsibility and social commitment. In a holistic Way thus, the interest of all our customer and employees have been textured into our trusteeship concept of management Apart from women empowerment, our foot prints of social work extend to health and family welfare areas such as doctors visit at the time of illness, continued health care, first aid and safety training programs, Awareness Building, Counseling, safe drinking water, sanitation, etc.  

We are accredited with Following yarns

  • Dup1
  • Lycra
  • Ten1
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  • Cool1
  • Xstaticlogo1
  • Fair
  • Biotrade
  • Bci
  • alogo9
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